[II] Spring is here, I think

Today was a good day, productive one. Warm, but cloudy, yet no rain. It was pleasant to get out to run errands.

Things I accomplished today:

  • started laundry load
  • topped up my City Card
  • got groceries and other shopping done
  • treated myself to a coffee, cashing up coupon I got
  • arranged gas utility in new apartment to be in our name
  • cooked myself nice lunch
  • revised calendar and other paperwork for upcoming week
  • visited library and got new books

Books I got:

  • Roman Bugaj, “Hermeticism” vol. 2: I’ve read first part, nice scholarly book about history of the subject, and how it ties into modern chemistry and metallurgy
  • Angie Sage, “Septimus Heap: Flyte” – second book of fantasy novel series I started, picked up on a whim
  • Laurell K. Hamilton, “The Lunatic Cafe” – another novel in Anita Blake series, re-reading it not for the first time

Things I watched:

  • finished second season “13 reasons why” and some critiques of it
  • now I’m catching up on “The Frankenstein Chronicles” – I do have book to read though